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J1 Work & Travel Housing Information

We have different types of units: motel rooms, efficiencies, 1 bedroom apartments, 2 bedroom apartment, or 3 bedroom houses.
Rent: amount of money a student pays weekly for housing.
Security Deposit: deposit, which will be refunded in cash at checkout unless unit is damaged or missing items
Advance Reservation Deposit:  deposit paid before arrival to guarantee reservation.

Rates for students arriving in March or June staying for a minimum of 13 weeks

March Arrival Rates
June Arrival Rates

+ 255.00
- 150.00

1st week rent
Security deposit
Advance deposit
Balance due on arrival

+ 285.00
- 150.00

1st week rent
Security deposit
Advance reservation deposit
Balance due on arrival

Students often arrive at slightly different times of the day or on a different date. One week rent and security deposit are required on the day the first person arrives for the unit; first week rent also begins on that date. In some cases, this might be difficult if one person arrives several days in advance and for various reasons does not have all the money. For that reason, we allow student to stay in our motel and pay nightly rate while awaiting the rest of the group. A total of one week rent for the unit must be paid in advance before apartment can be occupied.

Unit rates are based on the size of the unit at full occupancy. The price is $85.00 weekly per student (March arrivals) or $95.00 weekly per student (June arrivals). Once all students have arrived we will rent the entire apartment or house at the discounted rate.

March arrivals


June arrivals


If a unit has two bedrooms and one of the bedrooms sleeps four people and the other bedroom sleeps two people, we require 6 times the weekly student rate for that unit per week:


If a unit has three bedrooms and each bedroom sleeps four people, we require 12 times the weekly student rate for that unit per week:


   6 students per unit
* $85.00 per week per student
 $510.00 weekly per unit


    12 students per unit
$95.00 per week per student
   $1,140.00 weekly per unit


Often, we do not have a group of students that meet the number of students required to occupy a particular unit. We may have groups of two, three, four or five people who arrive and wish to find housing. To keep the price low, we put students together to fill the unit. We only put J-1 Students together if agreeable to all parties; non-students and other guests are not allowed to share unit with J-1 Students.
For example, when a group of students does not want to allow another student, that they do not know, to stay in the apartment: if five students want a two bedroom unit that sleeps six people, we still require 6 times the weekly student rate as in the example above; price for that unit becomes $102.00 per person for March arrivals. It is not economically feasible for us to rent, pay all utilities, provide internet, bed linens, basic cooking utensils, plates, glassware, and other services unless we receive minimum rent.
We do not provide housekeeping, paper goods, light bulbs, soap, trash bags or other day-to-day personal items (disposable products).

Security Deposit
Security Deposit amount equals three times the individual weekly student rate and has to be paid at check-in (March arrivals would be 3 x $85.00 = $255.00, June arrivals - $285.00).
We do not accept credit cards, personal checks.
We do accept US cash, Money Orders in US funds, Bank wire transfers.
Security Deposits are returned in cash on last day of stay upon students meeting the following requirements:

  • All terms of our written agreement with students must be completed.
  • All persons and their belongings must be out of the unit by check-out time.
  • The units must be clean, damage free and ready to rent to the next motel guest
  • Any damage to the unit must be repaired. You will be charged for missing or damaged items.

Advance Reservation Deposit
For a guaranteed place to stay upon arrival, we require an advance deposit of $150.00 per student. We accept Western Union, US cash, Bank wire transfers. Payment should be made as soon as possible after you contacted us in order to guaranty that you reserve the unit you would like to have.


Upon making a reservation we will need to have each student’s name, gender, check-in time and date, check-out time and date, flight number and airline; that gives us information to be prepared for students’ arrival. Flights sometimes change; upon confirming a reservation we provide several means of communication with us in the event a flight is delayed or canceled. We also attempt to confirm if a flight is delayed or cancelled for some reason.


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